Beach Maternity Photo Sessions

What screams summer more than salty air and sandy beaches? Nothing! That's one of the many perks about living in Central Florida. The beaches that surround us are gorgeous and pretty much great to swim or lounge at majority of the year.

With summer about to begin, I will be getting several requests for beach maternity session. There is something so eye-catching, seeing a gorgeous pregnant woman walking on the beach and getting photographed. Everyone literally gushes over you and your ears are filled with "congratulations" or "you look so beautiful," at every turn. And don't worry, if you are shy, I know the spots that aren't super crowed so you can pose without any onlookers.

These sessions are so relaxing and laid back. You will feel so refreshed once it's over. And the images always come out stunning. Also, a good dose of vitamin D will benefit you and baby, so why not. Haha. I will be booking beach sessions starting at the end of June so if you are interested, just send me an email and we can chat. My schedule fills up pretty quick, as I only offer beach sessions until the end of July. Come on Mama, let's make a splash and photograph your gorgeous glow, beach side.