Miracle to Mom Collection

How can you not believe in miracles when you look into your baby's eyes for the very first time? There is no better feeling than finding out you are pregnant, telling all of your family and friends, then making it through 9+ months, and finally holding your sweet baby in your arms. It's truly leaves you in awe of what has happened....how you grew a whole human in your body...how you made it through all the days some good some not so good...how something so tiny could melt your heart instantly. It's nothing short of a miracle.

That's what my Miracle to Mom Collection is...a story, YOUR story, of your personal, unique journey into motherhood. This isn't just any photoshoot. This is a visual depiction of your superpower that would outshine any Marvel movie on opening day. Yes, honey, this is your "mom"ment!

We begin with a maternity session catered and customized specifically to your vision. From colors, to gowns to backdrops, to poses, everything is centered around you. I want to know all of the details about your pregnancy, if you've loved it, or how you craved foods you never thought you'd eat, if your are nervous for baby's arrival or super excited. These little details help me tell your story visually with the way I pose you or add touches to the background to describe the statements you want to make. I take my time and listen to your words and make them come to life. I will also fill your belly with some snacks, water, or juice because being a pregnant supermodel is hard work.

Then, once you have the baby, we end with the most serene newborn session that always makes me shed a tear on the inside. This is the big moment where the most everlasting, loving connection is captured. You holding your sweet baby, smelling their fresh new baby scent, comforting their little cries, and stroking their back, as only a mother can. It's so special to witness and even more special to capture it. I take my time to photograph baby's cuteness and I will be sure to photograph mom, dad, siblings, if any, to make sure we show off the adorable new addition to the family. You don't need to bring anything to my newborn sessions besides, baby, diapers, wipes, and milk. I provide all the blankets, props, headbands, bonnets, and outfits, in a wide variety of colors. I'm all about convenience because I remember what it's like to go anywhere with a new baby.

This collection is amazing because it's a visual reminder of the full circle of life. You get to see yourself in a way that doesn't require a mirror. You see your gorgeous, resilient, strength carrying your baby, and then; you're STILL gorgeous, super powerful, goddess-self, cuddling your newest love. There is no better feeling than that. You really are that AMAZING! Bookings for 2024 have opened. Let's get you on my calendar today.