1.Digital Graveyard:

We can all agree on 1 thing...that technology is unreliable. Especially with it changing almost at a daily rate. And let's not get started on what happens to your computer or phone when a new software update takes over. Photos are your life's story, your very own highlight reel. Leaving them on your phone or some social media platform leaves them stuck in la-la- land that you see maybe a few times and then that's it. Don't believe me? How many times have you looked at pictures you've taken on your phone since November (only 3 months ago)? Uh-huh...exactly. DOn't leave your beautiful memories on a device. Print them out and display them all over your home as the classic piece of art that it is.

2.It Feels Different

There is nothing like seeing your pictures coming to life through prints. The way they look close up and personal, makes you and that moment feel almost larger than life. It's so nostalgic and magical seeing the story of your pregnancy being told through prints or through a photo album. Flipping the pages of your newborn's first days of life feels completely different than scrolling up from pictures you posted online. Holding and being able to touch moments frozen in time, really brings you back to all the memories and feelings from that day.

3.Pictures make your house a home:

Seriously, having your pictures on your walls makes your house feel like a home. It's your own personal art gallery of all these incredible stories that remind you daily of important and happy moments in your life. I keep some of our favorite pictures of us and our children going up the wall of our staircase. So every time we walk past it we can see how much we've grown and how much we love each other.

4.Grandma and Grandpa will be thrilled:

Printing makes it easy to send extras copies that you know the grandparents will absolutely LOVE. Whether or not you see your family members often, a mailed envelope of photos, a framed print, or brag book is sure to make them smile so hard their cheeks hurt. And you already know as soon as the the prints arrive, grandma will be so eager to show off her grand baby, to all her friends. 

5.It 's a Keepsake:

People usually keep their photos on the Cloud or on a one hard drive. But let’s say one day your hard drive decides to break down, or that 20, 30 years later, that same hard drive can't be used anymore because technology does changes by the day. Well, taking the time to make an album after your portrait session, or have your photographer design one for you, will ensure your favorite pictures won’t be lost. And even better, they’ll be tangible! You will keep your albums and framed photo for a lifetime and they can be passed down to your children and grandchildren. It instantly becomes a family heirloom the moment you print them out. It's definitely worth it!