The "Champ" is here!

I had the pleasure of doing photographing baby Z's mom for her maternity session and she came back for his newborn photos. Which is always so amazing for me to be apart of the transition from the baby being inside the mom's belly, to being able to see them outside of the belly.

For this session dad brought baby Z, at a fresh 8 days old, to his newborn session because mom wasn't feeling well and had to go to the doctor. Thankfully, she didn't have to be admitted to the hospital and was able to go home with some medicine and orders to get some rest. She did swing by the studio so she could be apart of the session, after her appointment, and that was such a treat.

The newborn session was an absolute dream! I mean from start to finish baby Z slept through it all and let me pose him and move him around like it was nothing. He is definitely the champ. And technically he had to be because mom's baby shower was a little baby boxing champ theme. And she even bought tiny boxing gloves and shorts to use as props for his newborn portraits. Those photos came out too cute.

Here at 21 Moments Photography, photographing newborns between 7-14 days old is my favorite thing to do. The babies definitely let me know who's the boss with their little personalities and that's fine with me. There is nothing sweeter than the smell of a new baby. And baby Z's new baby smell, head full of hair, and cute little face mad emo heart melt, yet again. Take a look at some of his photos and you will see for yourself.