Baby Boy

Let's clap it up for the baby boys because they are truly running 2023. I have had so many newborn boys coming into the studio all year long. Where are the girls at? Lol. After 6 years of newborn photography, it always fascinates me to see how the year will go...will it be year of the girl or boy? Sometimes there is a period of time where things are 50/50 but usually by the end of a year, it will sway one way more definitively. So far the boys are running things!

And that leads me to little Archer, who is the new baby brother to Oliver. And he sure does love his baby brother already! He gave him all the kisses and hugs and snuggles all session. But he absolutely refused to take any pictures. When I say refused, I mean refused. All of my tricks to get him to look at me and smile worked but as soon as he saw the camera he would cry. His mom said he has been like that since he was little and that they even have to sneak when they take pictures of him with the phone. I did my best and got as much as I could and mom understood that forcing him was not going to be successful so she would take what she could get.

It worked out pretty good and we were able to get a couple of photos with big brother. Baby Archer did great and slept majority of the session. He allowed me to pose in him and a lot of props and we got some adorable poses of him with mom and dad. He did so well sleeping and only woke up once to feed a little and then went right back to sleep. He was definitely cuddly and I enjoyed photographing cute little self. Here are a few photos from his session below.

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