Pregnancy is something you may get to experience maybe once or twice and each time it's totally different than the last. Although it's beautiful and exciting, it's also kind of rough. Everything changes. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. And that's what makes us moms, so unique, strong, and mesmerizing. A session with me is easy going and really relaxed. I do all the work posing you, getting your best angles, and having you look gorgeous in all of your photos. I want you to always have a reminder of the deepest love you will ever know.

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Client Experience

“Thank you so very much for the beautiful photos. You are truly an artist and a sweet spirit. It was a pleasure to share time with you. Thank you for the kinds words. Wishing them right back to you. All my appreciation.”

“I had so much fun doing these
photos with you. It was so easy and I
laughed a lot. These are AMAZING.
Thank you thank you thank you.”