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Pregnancy is something you may get to experience maybe once or twice and each time it's totally different than the last. Although it's beautiful and exciting, it's also kind of rough and overwhelming. Everything changes. And when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! But that's what makes us moms, so unique, stunning, and absolutely resilient. We wake up and just get it done, no matter what "it" is. A session with me is going to make you feel so gorgeous and relaxed. I do all the work posing you, getting your best angles, and having you look gorgeous in all of your photos. I want you to always have a reminder of the deepest love you will ever know.

Luxe Maternity

These studio sessions are prepared with you catering to you, in mind. From various backdrops, to elegant wardrobe, to dancing to your favorite hits; this 1 hour session in my home studio will have you feeling like a goddess. The best time to shoot is between 30-34 weeks pregnant. You are welcome to include family and siblings.

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Client Wardrobe closet

We have a variety of gowns in various sizes, bodysuits, and silks to choose from. Selection is always being updated to provide the most chic and contemporary design options.

Client Experience

Client Experience

“Oh wow Lucretia! The pictures are STUNNING!!! Thank you so much.”

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