Yay I have the best job ever! I get to cuddle with sweet little adorable babies everyday. Baby Ishan was no exception. Just look at his little face... OMG!

His mom found me on Google and was so excited to have me capture her first baby's photos. When her and her husband came into the studio, I was amazed. They were both so stunning! I was a bit sad that they didn't find me sooner so I could take their maternity photos. But anyway, they were a super sweet couple and so fun to talk with during the session.

Little Ishan was nice and relaxed for his newborn session. He looked so cute in the earthy green color mom chose. We both couldn't stop saying "oooh that color looks so good on him." He was nice and sleepy and he only ate little bit, one time. Being that he was 9 days old, I wondered if he would want to eat more frequently, but no, he was fine with 1 feeding. I think he was just nice and comfy in my warm studio.

I always have so much fun getting to know little things about my clients. Like how the parents met, or how they decided on what baby name they should choose. I really enjoy hearing all the stories. Check out a few images below from this sweet session.