Celebrating the Strength and Love of Moms

Being a mom is the gift that fills my heart with so much gratitude every single day. The journey of motherhood has blessed me with a depth of love and joy I never knew existed. Being a mom has brought so many blessings my way and I have found it to bring a sense of fulfillment to my life. This is why I love capturing pregnant women during a maternity photo session.

Witnessing someone become a mom for the first time or the their time is really inspiring. I get to freeze a moment in time where a woman's full vulnerability is on display for all to see, yet her strength and resilience is really what makes us notice her glow. Even though she has yet to hold her baby, her unconditional love and unwavering protective spirit fills my studio and warms my heart. The moment when they hold their newborn in their arms, their eyes sparkle with a mix of exhaustion and eternal love, is a sight that I will always feel honored to witness.

Motherhood is a testament to the power and resilience of women, and an affirmation to the everlasting bond between a mother and her child. Capturing a new mom with her baby is a reminder of the miracles of life and that motherhood is truly something to be celebrated. I am so thankful to all of my maternity clients and honored to have been chosen to be apart of their motherhood story.