I wasn't ready

for all the fabulousness that Jeana and her boo brought me! I absolutely love when a pregnant mama comes in confident and ready to be the center of attention for an hour. And don't get me wrong, I know everyone isn't super open and expressive getting their picture taken. I sometimes cringe at getting my photos done. But in the end I know the value pictures have so I make it work. I have the gift of making women feel comfortable and confident in themselves by the end of a maternity session, so whether you are photogenic or not, we will definitely make magic together.

Jeana is a makeup artist so she came with a full face of beautiful makeup, and had outfit options to match her personality. Once we got the music going (reggae, per her request) and she started dancing, I knew I was in for a treat. Bot her and her boo were very attentive and took direction well, but I didn't have to pose too much because they both vibed well off of each other and I was able to go with their flow. When it's pure love, that's usually how photoshoots work with a couple. I love it because neither of them felt awkward getting close and serving face.

We were able to get so many poses that it made it hard for them to choose all of their favorites. That's a good problem to have in my opinion. Ha! I really enjoyed getting to know them, learning about how they met and a little about both of their families. It's always interesting to hear people's life stories. This baby boy is going to be born into lots of love and I couldn't be happier to be apart of such an amazing motherhood story. Take a look below and get a glimpse at how amazing her session was.