Happy New Year from 21 Moments Photography!

I'm sooo ready to capture some new beginnings! For all of my pregnant mamas, this new year means you are about to head into your amazing journey of motherhood. Aghhh! Are you nervous, excited, or all of the above? I know it can be so surreal but believe me when I say it's the most beautiful, wild, powerful thing you have ever done.

As your maternity photographer, I have the honor to be invited into your intimate space, and capture your joy, your love, and the anticipation that fills your heart. Will you know what to do? Will you have what it takes? Will you be a good mom? My answer to all of those questions is a Stone Cold Steve Austin "HELL YEAH!" Lol I'm telling on my younger WWF (at the time) loving self. Anyway, I get to be apart of the little moments that you parents share as you wait and anticipate the birth of your sweet baby.

Our goal is to create timeless photos that reflect the everlasting connection of your growing family. Each maternity sessions is an opportunity for me to freeze these special time and create the visual legacy that families will cherish for years. No 2 maternity sessions are alike because I custom tailor every single one to make sure I tell your unique story. From gowns and dresses, to backdrops and poses, it's all about you, Mama. This is your time to be catered to and hyped up for the awesome woman that you are.

So, to all the expecting Mamas out there, I wish you a Happy New Year filled with lots of love, cuddles, diaper changes, and sweet beautiful moments. May your journey ahead be filled with laughter, and joy as you get closer to the day that you get to meet the little human that's been karate chopping your bladder for the last 9 months. Here's to new beginnings and the magic of capturing life's most precious moments with 21 Moments Photography. Happy New Year!