I grow humans. What's your superpower?

Ha! I mean really? There is nothing anybody can say after that. We women, are the only humans on the planet to grow and birth another human. We definitely deserve a round of applause for that.

And honey, YOU deserve to celebrate yourself! Yes, you really do. There is no better way to celebrate your journey and document this miraculous moment, than with a maternity photoshoot. It's the perfect opportunity to freeze time and show all your friends and family, your superpower.

The best time to take maternity photos is between 30-34 weeks. That's usually when your stomach pops out a bit and also when you are feeling more like your normal self (1st trimester symptoms can be cray-cray). You have energy, your hair is super thick and gorgeous. Your can still bend down to tie your shoes, you can show off your fly maternity wardrobe (b/c maternity fashion is definitely a vibe these days), and you just radiate a real joy and glow.

My maternity sessions take place in my studio or outdoors, if you'd like. I keep it short and sweet at about 1.5 hrs because, honey, carrying a baby and trying to model, is a whole job. We make magic though! You get access to my client wardrobe closet. I have dresses, fabrics, bodysuits, and robes to give you the look you desire. I will blast your favorite song and give you some light snacks and water while we capture your "good side" along with your lovely baby bump. Your child(ren) and/or significant other are welcome to join in on the fun. My maternity sessions are truly an enjoyable, relaxed, beautiful experience.

You are a mother and you deserve to be celebrated for the super hero that you are. "Pose" for the picture so you can hang on to this journey for a lifetime.