Honey! Let me tell you about this maternity studio session Angelica did at 8.5 months pregnant!

Yes, you read that right. Now normally, I recommend taking maternity portraits between 28-32 weeks pregnant because you have enough belly to show off your gorgeous curves and you also should feel pretty amazing, physically. We originally scheduled her session during that window, but due to an ER visit and my limited availability, we had to reschedule for further out. I was able to get Angelica back on the calendar to and yal, she absolutely slayed her photoshoot!

She walked into the studio and my jaw dropped. There was no way she was ready to pop in a matter of weeks. Seriously, she wore pregnancy so well. Anyway, she was relaxed, calm, and was open to anything I wanted to do (including artistic semi-nude portraits YAY). We got started and I realized quickly that I barely had to direct her. Then her boo tells me that she used to model. Yessssss! I was thrilled about that and we surely made a lot of magic. She and I flowed through each pose with ease. And we even managed to convince (and by convince I mean me telling him he had no choice but to get in the shot because mama gets what mama wants) her boo to join in for a couple of poses to her delight.

She loved all her images and so did I. Maternity photography will always hold a special place in my heart because it's truly amazing what our bodies can do and how divine we look doing it.

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