Isn't She Stunning?!

And guess what... she is having twins! How incredible! Kim and her husband came to me all the way from Poinciana for their maternity photos. And when I tell you they came to S L A Y, I mean it. They wasted no time showing me that they were definitely ready for the show and I was so happy about that.

First, I asked Kim about the style she wanted, and she told me to go with the flow. Next, we picked out her gowns and fabric. And then it was time for music (yay know we jam out at every maternity session) and she chose 90's R&B. First song on was Aaliyah "Try Again" and once Kim started singing it was just dope vibes for the rest of the session.

Her and her husband's chemistry was so seductive and captivating. I asked him if he liked to smile for pictures and he said no. Side note: I ask all dads that question and I never pressure them to smile, if they don't normally smile for pictures. It looks so unnatural andI can tell. But I usually do catch a laugh or smirk within the session and always that makes mom happy.

Ok now back to it. Honey, when I tell you I could photograph them all day I mean it. Hubby had the perfect model face, strong and mysterious in his eyes, and Kim gave it right back to him with her bold, sexy looks and poses. I told hem if they every get pregnant again they have got to come back to me so I can capture their love because whewwwww, it was like listening to your favorite love song on repeat. Don't believe me, well take a look at a few photos from their gallery, for yourself.