Halfway to One

It seems like yesterday I was taking this little fella's newborn photos, and now he is back for his 6 month session. Seriously, time needs to slow down! A girl can dream can't she. Well, since I can't turn back time, I guess it makes my job that much more important to make sure these little sweet milestones are captured and printed out so families can treasure forever.

So anyway, this session was really fun. Malik had learned how to sit on his own and was also very curious with the setup. I'm sure the balloons were new to him. We chose this setup because his Mom really likes Baby Yoda and we did a simple Baby Yoda setup for his newborn session (you can see that photo below). Malik was very calm and happy throughout his session. Then occasionally, his mom would sing his favorite song, and he would dance and smile away. It was nothing short of cuteness overload. I can only imagine what his cake smash will be like.

Which is exactly,


6 months