Let's Celebrate!

It's a Milestone Moment:

Your baby is kind of still a baby, but also not a baby anymore. It's that bittersweet stage where they are so adorably cute learning how to take first steps, feed themselves finger foods, and start to speak words that only moms can understand. Lol! It makes us look at them and wonder how just 12 short (or long) months ago they were comfy and warm in our bellies. A cake smash photoshoot is a pretty big deal and it captures the joy and innocence of the moment. It documents a sweet reminder of their little face at such a tender age.

It Creates a Lasting Memory:

A cake smash session is so fun and totally adorable. We all get to witness your baby's cuteness, and also watch to see if they actually like cake or not. We will work together to customize the theme of your choice. it can something super simple like a floral garland or something a bit more personal like your child's favorite tv show/or character. I've decorated for all types of cake smashes and the possibilities are plentiful. The joy and messiness of your baby digging into their cake makes for beautiful, candid photos that put your baby's whole personality on display.

You Will Never Get This Moment Back:

"They only stay little for a little while" and by the time your baby is ONE, you realize that time really does fly. It's so not fair, but it's a part of life. So taking the time to document this milestone is priceless. It's your baby's first experience with being able to be wild and free, to be curious, to smile, cry, talk, scoot, or even take first steps, all while being photographed so you have proof that they really did stick frosting up their nose. Lol. It's a lighthearted experience that you will never regret.

A Cake Smash photoshoot is a memorable way to celebrate your baby's first birthday. It's fun, completely custom to the theme of your choice, and heartwarming way to create a lasting memory for you and your family to enjoy for a lifetime.

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