The Best Age for Newborn Portraits

This is the most often-asked question, when clients contact me for newborn portraits. Is there a "best" time or "age" for newborn photos?

First let me tell you that newborns are considered "newborns" for 6 weeks. Yes, and entire month and a half. For some that's a long time, for me dealing with my baby about to be 6 months old, 6 weeks seems too short. Sorry for the mini venting rant. Back to what I was saying.

Newborns are little, littles for a good amount of time. I recommend photographing newborns up to about 2-3 weeks old. Why? Because they typically more sleepy and flexible to get into those adorable poses that moms love so much. Baby runs the show though. And as a professional, it's my job to safely and properly get the best portraits of your little one. 

No matter what, your sweet baby's tiny face and toes need to be captured in the most pure and genuine way. Remember they are only little...for a little while.