Baby Makes 4

You would have a hard time believing me if I told you that this beautiful baby was conceived naturally after a few failed IVF attempts. But she is living proof that miracles do happen. Baby Iman's newborn photoshoot was such an awe-inspiring session that almost had her mom and I in tears. Mom and dad had 1 egg left, just 1 and when it didn't take, they were a little disappointed but since they already had 3 children, they were thankful to at least experience parenthood.

21 Moments Photography has taken portraits of this family for years since their 2nd child, a girl, was one, so I've been blessed to watch their family grow. They already had 2 boys and 1 girl, so we were excited to find out that this baby was a girl. She can in and evened the score. Ha! Her newborn photo session was amazing. She slept the entire time and only woke up to eat once. We were able to pose her in really cute poses easily, and I even got to cuddle her for a bit. You all should know by now how much I love that new baby smell. But she was such a joy to photograph. She was very relaxed and calm the all the way through.

This particular session was just for the baby, no parents or siblings. Mom wants to have a family photo session once baby is about a month old. For now, I got to enjoy capturing her cute little face. She was such a doll. Welcome to the family baby Man. You are already so, so loved!