Welcoming Another Boy

Baby Silas makes 3! I was super excited when my client/former classmate called to book her newborn session with me, again. She told me she was having another boy which was cool because I photographed her first son a couple of years ago. So now with her older daughter and son, the baby makes 3 adorable kiddos.

Little man decided to make his grand entrance a few weeks early and that caused him to be really sensitive to touch and movements so I had to work slowly. I was able to get him warm and cozy which helped him settle. This was definitely a switch up in my newborn session routine with having to move him and pose him with long slow, steady strokes and movements, but I do have long fingers and I think that's what helped a lot to keep him soothed.

We were able to get a lot of cute baby poses done in the 3 hour time-frame. Big sister and newly appointed big brother, did well smiling at the camera and hugging their sweet baby brother right on cue. It's always amazing to me to see my clients' children grow up and become older siblings. Like wait a minute, you were just a baby yourself! Haha. The 3 of them did really well during the entire session and mom and I had a good time catching up with each other.

One funny thing that happened was that Mom had the bottle, diaper, wipes, snacks, tissues, and games all in her purse. I said, "No diaper bag?" and she responded, "3rd kid, who needs a diaper bag when you can carry a big purse?!" Lol. I completely understood. That's my kind of mom right there. Here are a few photos from our session. Isn't he such a cutie?