Fall is for Football

and newborn sessions for football loving dads who want their baby to be showcased in their favorite team's gear. Haha!

Yes, that's right. I do it all. Well, not all, but most often than not we can make your request happen. This family came to me for a newborn photo session for their first baby girl. She was so sweet and had a gorgeous head full of hair. Mom and dad both agreed that they wanted pink for the main color choice. So we did all the pink and she was so cute in everything.

As the session was going on, we got on the subject of sports somehow and I found out dad's favorite team was the Dallas Cowboys. How convenient that my husband's favorite team is the Cowboys and we had plenty of gear to set up something cute for the newest little Cowboy "fan." This sweet baby let me pose her next to the helmet without a fuss. She was a great sleeper.

Mom was so fun, she was "oooo-ing and ahhh-ing" over all the little headbands I had. And when we put on the crown she really swooned. It's always a pleasure for me to have 1st time parents in my studio because they are so full of joy and love for the beautiful baby they created. They really think everything is super cute and they take in all the little coos and baby noises. It's really so sweet.

The number one thing clients always ask me to do is come to their house at night so I can swaddle their baby. I guess I have the magic touch because it's just a regular swaddle similar to what the nurses do in the hospital. But I do get them super sleepy and snuggled all nice an warm so they always sleep really well during my sessions. I reassure the parents that the sleepless nights are only temporary, even though it feels like an eternity. Welcome to parenthood!

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