Yessss Mama, you better work it!

That pretty much sums of what I was saying to my maternity client Bilandra during her entire session.

She came to my studio with her husband with hair and makeup on point. We picked out some dresses from my client wardrobe closet and got settled in. I usually like to go over the flow before we begin just to prepare my mamas for what outfit/dress/fabric will go when and in what order.

Lights: check

Music: check

Props: check

Water: check

Right as we were about to begin, Mrs. B tells me that she doesn't know how to pose and she doesn't take pictures often. I sampled smiled and told her don't worry, I will guide you as we go along and you will look absolutely gorgeous. Also, posing is kind of my thing. I pretty particular about it. Like stands of hair have to be in place, fingers need to be relaxed, clothes/dresses need to drape ever-so-slightly. It's really my thing and I make sure you are all put together.

Well, much to Bilandra and her husband's delight, we made some magic. They really enjoyed their session and afterwards they said it felt like we had known each other forever. I really try to my best to make all my clients feel comfortable and like themselves during every photo session. Check out some photos from her session below.