Cherish Every Moment: Newborn Photography by 21 Moments Photography

I recently had the pleasure of capturing little Miss Nova's beautiful newborn portraits and I got all my snuggles in. This little angel was such a sweet baby and I had so much fun photographing her at my Sanford, FL studio.

Mom chose purples and creams for her color choices. And dad was just beaming watching as I set up the different looks. I swaddled baby girl in a soft purple wrap and got her all snug for our 1st set up. Miss Nova wasn't sure if she wanted to settle in and fall asleep or if she wanted to stay awake and take in all the new sights. But that was ok, because I knew eventually she would fall asleep. I keep a Disney piano playlist going and that always does the trick.

Eventually, she did fall asleep and I was able to get some adorable photos of her. For the cream set up, she was swaddled and placed in a prop holding a cute little teddy bear. She looked absolutely adorable. Her serene expression and subtle smiles added such a cuteness to the photos.

For another set up I had a pink leopard print backdrop and it was totally fitting because mom actually wore a leopard print shirt. I was able to capture her little features and even had mom hold her around her head and bottom to add emphasis on how small she was. We all know how fast time flies so baby girl won't be little for long. It's always a much for me to get a photo of how tiny newborn hands, and feet, and ears are, because those are the pictures you look back on and marvel at how itty bitty they were.

In the end, the newborn session with this sweet baby girl was a success. With her calm and peaceful demeanor, we were able to capture all of her cuteness in a collection of precious photographs. Mom was definitely very pleased with all of the pictures.

If you are looking to capture the memorable moments of your growing family, a newborn session is the way to go. 21 Moments Photography would be delighted to bring your vision to life. Contact me to schedule your professional newborn portrait session and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.