Capturing the Innocence of New Life

Can we just take a moment to clap for ourselves for bringing a whole human into this world?! I mean when you think about it, that's definitely something to receive a standing ovation for. Can I get a whoop, whoop? Haha. Ok but seriously, we, Moms are out here doing it big, birthing babies and bouncing back like it's a regular occurrence. Nope! It's nothing short of a miracle and that's why celebrating your new baby with a professional newborn photography session is a must.

Our newborn photography sessions are designed to create stunning, heartwarming portraits that you'll treasure forever. You know how we love our photos. We have a a ton of them on our phones and if you have a baby you definitely have a million and one of their cute little faces. It's so important to cherish these memories because photos are all we have to tell our story. They last for multiple lifetimes.

This is why printing your photos are so important too. Your phone doesn't even last a year before a new version comes out and makes your phone seem ancient. With the way technology keeps advancing and changing almost over night, keep your photos on any device is like coloring with chalk outside and hoping it doesn't get washed away in the rain. When it comes to documenting your growing family, printing your photos on canvas, framed prints, or a custom photo album is the true heart of your home. There is no better art than your own true moments.

Why 21 Moments Photography? Because I am the best photographer in Orlando, FL, to ensure you get the results you dream of. I actively listen to your requests and gain valuable information into each of my Mom's desires and expectations, which allows me to tailor a unique experience for every single client. There is no one-stop shop here. Like I say on my website, motherhood is truly undefined and your photo session will be just as unique. I know how to create beautiful keepsakes and preserve your milestone moments. I am patient and down-to-earth, making you feel right at home. I also know how to switch from being the baby whisperer in a newborn session to being your personal hype woman during a maternity session. I also capture siblings and family togetherness without missing a beat. And speaking of beat, dancing is always welcome during our photo sessions. After all, dancing does release endorphins that make you relaxed and happy.

So, let 21 Moments Photography celebrate your sweet memories by capturing the beauty and significance of your life. Let your stories be told visually through printed photographs and create a legacy that will be treasured for generations.