Behind the Camera

Hey, hey, hey! My name is Lucretia (loo-cree-sha). I am a super loving wife, mother of 2 beautiful children and lovely lady behind the camera. 

I am a natural light portrait photographer serving Central Florida, (Orlando, Lake Mary, Daytona Beach, Tampa, St. Pete) who loves photography and all of its creative opportunities. My passion is to capture self-expression along with life's tender moments. 

Life is pretty adventurous, filled with wholesome moments, joy, intensity, romance, energy, and down right magic. I love to freeze time, capturing real moments that celebrate real life. My love for photography is from my mother who was very passionate about photography. She died when I was 16. She wasn't there to help me get dressed on my wedding day, or there to hold my hand when I gave birth x2. I never imagined life without her. Photography helps me feel so connected to her.

Once I had my own babies, my desire for photography transformed into visual story-telling. I just had to document every single thing they did. My babies get excited to see pictures of her and hear stories about what she was like. It's certainly an emotionally driven bonding experience. That's what I do for you. I bridge the gap and help you connect to the future by being present in the moment. I keep it simple by being natural and attentive, while giving simple direction from time to time. Just bring your genuine laughter and I will take care of the rest.

Lucretia Johnson


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FUN Facts

1. Every day should be Taco Tuesday

2. Beach naps are THE best

3. Favorite Movies: The Notebook, Coming to America , Love & Basketball, A Christmas Story

4. Coral, black/white stripes or floral print = LOVE

5. Lipstick over heels

6. I buy way too many crayons during back to school shopping

7. God's grace is sufficient for me

*When I met my husband, camera phones didn't exist, and he laughed at me for carrying a camera in my purse. Now it's my job to carry a camera in my purse. Looks like I got the last laugh.

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